Woodworking Projects That Sell

There are a lot of different things that happen to you in life, and for me, I was blindsided in my career. For years, the tech world was my bread and butter. Then it happened, the unthinkable. The whole company was outsourced and that was that. After getting outsourced, my whole company was fired. Much like others in the industry, work was hard to find, and money wasn’t flowing. My hobbies were now the things that could possibly create an income, so I thought about woodworking projects.

The Downfall

The first thing that was hard is finding something that could make a good profit. Reselling items, arbitrage, and even making money online was not easy to work through. A full time job pays far more than the attempts of trying to turn hobbies into something grand. It wasn’t until I started to look into woodworking as something that could help me out. Woodworking is a hobby that was good in the past, so why not try it again? Well, everyone seems to be pushing some sort of project in this arena, so it isn’t exactly paying off dividends. That’s when things changed, however.

Woodworking Projects

First and foremost, the thing that you should know is that there are woodworking projects that sell. Most people focus on rebuilding things, finding old items and trying to make them work out well and sell them. But that’s not good. I created a few things, benches, desks, and random things, but they didn’t sell well, and furthermore, the online world has terrible information. If you find free options on a website, you will end up losing out. In fact, many of the instructions that you will see on the web don’t have full blueprints, they just kind of talk about things in basic options. After breaking a wooden chair that took me hours to put together, it was time to change things up. That’s where finding woodworking projects that sell and website came into play.

The Blueprints Came Through

When looking at woodworking projects, you want to go with things that will sell. That’s the ticket. If you’re going to go out on your own and actually make money, you need to know what people want. If you don’t invest in the projects that will sell for you, you’re going to be another artist trying to work out a few dollars from things that you’re making. You cannot make anything that sells if you don’t have the right plans. When you have blueprints, you will have a full list of materials, screws, and more. When you have the pieces in place, you can use appropriate tools to complete something that is going to sell.

Why Woodworking?

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to get into this “DIY” idea. When I first started, my idea was to be an artist. I’m good at wood projects, why couldn’t I come up with winning ideas? Well, in my area, people are looking for something specific. They don’t want “art”, they want function. Functionality is the key to everything. People want function above all else, and they want things that look a certain way. Some prefer unfinished options, others want something a bit more complex. Whatever the case is, I found that this type of business option is better than others. Wood projects sell. However, you need to know which ones are going to give you a lot of money. That’s the hard lesson that I had to learn up front.

The School of Hard Knocks

When first starting out, I took on the “school of hard knocks”. I went ahead and just used all the information that I had from shop class. However, it’s not a good thing. That’s right, shop class didn’t help me. Making birdhouses, doghouses, and little things didn’t really go smoothly. There were no instructors, it was just me and my garage trying to tinker and put through a lot of options. It wasn’t easy, and you know what? People aren’t going to buy just any old woodworking project. Yes, you could be creative, and you could come up with some very interesting designs, but the average consumer doesn’t really care about how “cool” you work with wood. The school of hard knocks is not the way to go here, instead, get the secrets that will help you gain the upper hand.

Woodworking Secrets Truly Helps

Here’s the thing, you may run into woodworking projects that sell, and the secrets through Ted’s Woodworking Plans. This guide has a complex amount of blueprints for just about anything you can think of. The secrets that were showcased in this option were absolutely amazing. It’s fascinating how people respond to things that are proven to win big.

Things that actually sell include chicken houses, clocks, gazebos, guitars, hammocks, bird feeders, bee hives, coat racks, dressers, and so much more. These things can help you get paid a lot of money. In fact, it was with Ted’s plans that I found one of my best selling items, and you may be surprised at what it is. It’s custom pool tables. That’s right, pool tables made of wood, with stellar inlays, and my own hand crafted elements. I added a little bit of changes, but the blueprints helped me get over $1,000 per table in profit.

Get People To Buy

Getting people to buy woodworking projects is not simple. In the past, it was a simple thing. But today, you are going to have to use your brain to come up with a lot of things that sell. Inventory isn’t everything. You need to know what is going to sell for you. For me, it took going through a lot of different designs, and finally purchasing the complete Ted’s Wood Plans to get to a bestselling solution. If you’re serious about making money with woodworking, then you need the right set of tools. Anyone worth their salt in the construction industry will tell you this. Even if you’re a great artist, you’re better off working with what people want, not what you think is “cool”. Trust me, I make a living with wood working, and it didn’t take off until I invested in woodworking secrets that I found a niche, and made serious money. No more tech work for me, I build pool tables out of wood, and that’s far more interesting, and lucrative for that matter.